How to update SM-A125U firmware and Samsung Galaxy A12 flash

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SM-A125U firmware is Software used in CELL PHONE Samsung Galaxy A12. This software offers very good performance in its class. No wonder HP is selling well in the market thanks to its performance that doesn’t disappoint.

Firmware plays a very important role as a communication bridge between Software with hardware. Without firmware, a device cannot function properly. This software is used in smartphones and can be self-contained.

For a smartphone to work on performance, you always have to updates firmware to the latest version. SM-A125U firmware which is also used for one of HP’s versions of Samsung. Otherwise, the device may be faulty or not optimal.

Some problems that often occur if the firmware is not updated is the lack of synchronization. For example, the touch screen is not good at receiving responses. There could also be other problems like not being able to use certain applications.

How to update SM-A125U firmware on Samsung Galaxy A12

Each smartphone device has a different firmware, depending on the version. Although a slightly different series, still in terms of technology it is different. This can have an effect on the performance you have, good or bad depending on the firmware.

Of course not only that, because there are other factors that influence. For example, the amount of RAM, the chipset used, up to technology GPU. However, in terms of the SM-A125U firmware update, it remains the same as other HP versions.

Usually, the device will automatically notify you when there is a new update. But it’s okay if you check regularly to be sure. It is not difficult, you just need to follow a few simple steps below.

  • Please check first by opening the settings menu.
  • Then select Software Update or Software Update.
  • Select the Download and Install option.
  • If there is an update, a red notification will appear.
  • Click that section, then select Install Now.
  • An update schedule can be set if this is not possible.

How to flash the Samsung Galaxy A12

Besides knowing how to update SM-A125U firmware, you also need to know how to flash Samsung Galaxy A12. This method is performed if the latest system update is not available, while the actual version Samsung firmware has been updated.

Furthermore, you can also download mobiles that have errors, bootloops or forget Gmail passwords Reset flashing. But first, you can try a factory reset by wiping the data. If it doesn’t work, the only thing flashes.

The flash must also be done when the mobile is slow, the screen is blank, the touch screen is less sensitive and even stuck on the logo. HP infected with a virus or malware and reinstalling is not enough use this method as a last resort.

  • The first step is Download firmware according to the version in use.
  • Also download Odin Tools and install it on PC.
  • Turn off your mobile phone and enter download mode by pressing the combination of Volume Down + Home + Power button.
  • When a warning message appears, press the Volume Up button.
  • Connect the HP device to the PC, use the Samsung data cable to make it smoother.
  • Open Odin Tools, then move File firmware downloaded earlier in the column.
  • Make sure you don’t enter the wrong file based on the column.
  • If you are sure, click Start to start the process.


That’s all we can say about the SM-A125U firmware, starting with how to update to how to flash the Samsung Galaxy A12. A little tip, don’t blink if it’s not really important. The reason is that this method is only used for the last step if other methods don’t work.



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